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NSW Floorball
Players guide
Expectations of players
  1. All players will arrive 15 minutes minimum before their matches
  2. By this time players will be paid for the match ($10 a match)
  3. Captains of each team will have handed a complete match sheet to match committee staff
  4. Before matches the national anthem will be played
  5. During matches, sportsmanlike behaviour will typify contest
  6. Discipline shall be handed to unsportsmanlike behaviour
  7. All people associated with the League are asked to abide by codes of conduct as stated by the Australian Sports Commission
  8. On completion of match teams are to line up and complete ritual, and shake hands
  9. All players are asked whenever possible to introduce a new player or spectator to the sport and make them welcome
  10. All players MUST be AFA financial members.

Financials of the NSW Floorball League