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NSW Floorball



                          10th Oct 2002

German Robert Blanke gave NSW the winning goal to back up team-mate Scott O'Brien's 4 goal spree against the Vics at Canberra on the weekend to claim the AFA title. In a see-sawing match, NSW shot to a 2-0 lead early...more NSW 5 defeated Vic 4 (2-2, 3-4, 5-4)



 27th Oct 2002

In a quality round of matches Glebe Floorball Club held out two tough nail biting matches to take maximum points against Newcastle Crabs and Northern Beaches at Newcastle Basketball Stadium yesterday evening....more


Schools competition results, points league and efficiency league coming
NSW Floorball is set up to help its member clubs develop the sport and encourage representative competition.
The founding clubs are Wollongong Uni, Northern Beaches, Newcastle Crabs, and Gosford Fireflies.
Developing clubs are Sydney University, Macquarie University, Tamworth, and Maitland.
NSW Floorball League trial run earlier this year saw the Newcastle Crabs as winners against the under strength Northern Beaches.
A new set of dates: Aug 18th, Sep 1st, Sep 28th, Oct 26th and Nov 30th will see Northern Beaches, Glebe, Newcastle Crabs and Wollongong contest for the title of NSW's best Floorball team.


2003 AFACC
Grand Final Court for Aussie Champs in Newcastle

NSW Floorball League
Who will win the NSW Floorball League 2002-03?
Northern Beaches
Newcastle Crabs

Current Results
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Rd 2 Glebe v Newcastle Crabs

2001 SURFEST 3 on 3

Team Played Wins Losses Draws Points  +/- shots +/-
Northern Beaches 8 4 4 0 8 9 90.00
Glebe FC 8 4 4 0 8 1 -68.00
Newcastle Crabs 8 4 4 0 8 -10 -22.00


NSW Points League Poll
Who will win the NSW Floorball League Points League
Nino Kinnunen (Northern Beaches)
Jorn Pettersen (Newcastle Crabs)
Janne Iivonen (Glebe)
Harri Granholm (Northern Beaches)
Scott O'Brien (Newcastle Crabs)
Tore Kvalserud (Glebe)
Tim Ollerton (Northern Beaches)
Patrik Karlsson (Newcastle Crabs)
Peter Krause (Glebe)
Didrik Mohr (Northern Beaches)
Michael McCallum (Newcastle Crabs)
Ole Helstrup (Glebe)
Claude Allenbacjh (Glebe)

Current results






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Floorball has been played in Australia since 1989 (unofficial) when played on tennis courts in Hobart Tasmania. Since it has taken on in all capital cities and other major cities such as Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong. The sport has become the no 1 participation sport in Sweden which shares a similar sports culture to Australia. It is predicted to grow by many, as this floorball is very popular and safe to play for children, schools, mixed, corporate, and representative levels. In Australia most players come from a Field Hockey background although some are originating from Ice or Inline Hockey and others Soccer. The sport is adaptable and can be played by sportsmen and sportswomen from any background or no sports background at all. 


Current standings on the NSW Floorball League show Newcastle Crabs leading the way with Glebe biting at their heels. The Crabs are 4 from 6 and Glebe are 3 from 6. Northern Beaches are a reformed side but still have some work to do.


This shows a complete turn around from previous seasons when Northern Beaches of Sydney has dominated with scorelines 10-2, 13-1, etc First to beat Northern Beaches this year were Maitland Mullets, a mere development team showing promise for their entry in the 2003 AFACC's in Newcastle. You can now vote on your favourite team and favourite player on this page.

NSW Floorball League matches are on Saturdays and are co-hosted with Sydney Newcastle plus Wollongong. So invite your family and friends to watch the action and learn about the new sport that is fast, safe and exciting, easy to teach and easy to learn.

Floorball is action!!