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NSW Floorball
15 reasons to play

     15 Positive signs for Floorball


  1. Floorball has the visual appeal of Ice Hockey and is even quicker at the elite level. Fast, skilful, good amount of physical play to satisfy everyone, yet has a very low injury rate at all levels.
  2. Planned as a future Olympic sport. 1 in 3 people play each year in Sweden. Popular in many other countries as well.
  3. The Newcastle Floorball Association has a regular flow of events during the calendar year giving maximum exposure to sponsors, and more experience for members and event staff to work at promoting sponsors product or service.
  4. There are over 120,000 sticks in Australian schools already. With production of sticks and other equipment in Sydney about to commence, and demand for this sport from indoor sports centres.
  5. Floorball shoes are made by Nike, Adidas, Puma and other brands signifying the future of the sport worldwide on every continent.
  6. Floorball sponsors include the above companies, major radio stations, TV stations, papers, internet, energy drinks, fruit juice co., banks, airlines, human resources, and many others.
  7. Growth rates of Floorball overseas have exceeded every other organised sport as indicated by many thousands of websites. At the last three sports shows in Sydney, Floorball has achieved highest participation against other sports such as league, cricket, etc.
  8. Active participation - all teachers, students and spectators remark on its great form of exercise for all abilities - for schools, a safe and fun activity for all, for others, a very popular social sport. Male and Female participation can be equal at social level especially under 16 years.
  9. Recent coverage of Floorball has come from the Nine Network, Prime television and SBS who recently showed a doco being displayed across the Asia-Pacific. The current membership of the AFA are very welcoming to new members, and are proud to cater to sponsors needs in presenting this sport to more Australians.
  10. With PA system, music, and packaged entertainment; exhibition games are a great vehicle for the public to pick up Floorball knowledge in no time and discover the great spectacle and atmosphere.
  11. Recent involvement with major festivals such as the National Maritime Museum Swedish Festival celebrating 10 years at Darling Harbour, plus annual 3 on 3 at SURFEST (40 teams)! Now regular at large events with 10-20,000, and 50,000+ crowds.
  12. Well suited to school fetes, shopping centres displays and backyard family fun!
  13. FLOORBALL - Easy to teach, easy to learn, fast safe, exciting!
  14. FLOORBALL - Sports advertising vehicle of the future!
  15. FLOORBALL Faster than the internet!